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quinta-feira, 19 de maio de 2016

old school

So I was actually looking through some Uni stuff and cleaning up~ When, suddenly, I bumped into these! haha

They were for a pop-up book; a visual project we had to do. I wonder where the final product ended up... (It's with a friend XD)

The final version was really different from these (I didn't do the drawing), so I'm just going to discard these... (I really need space on my computer!)

terça-feira, 16 de junho de 2015


Woow these are actually really old! They were done in 2012? haha But I still have a special care for them!

I was really into Saint Seya during some time, and now that I'm participating in a collab group, I'm really excited! Luckily, I will be able to draw Leo, my not-really-sign (I'm between Leo and Cancer!) ^q^

I really enjoy Megumu-sensei's drawing style because it's so delicate and detailed!

I just wanted to draw the drapes...

For this one I redrew existing panels, but I changed the sequence (basically, took out some panels) as to create my own little delusion~ haha It goes like (actual dialogues):
- Aiolia, you already know. We fight and risk our lives to protect the only being we love with all our hearts.
- But, I have another being I love with all my heart... Besides Athena, there is only one person...
- It could only be you, my brother.
* laughs♥*

Aaand my favorite little knight! Retsu of Lynx ♥
- Come, Armor of Lynx! Help me flee from this crazy vampire! (Twilight - ft. Bella by Lillian)
Please take notice on the deer on the bottom right corner...

sábado, 23 de maio de 2015


I lost a file... TTATT

While I was looking for it, I cleaned up a bit of stuff, and I found out I never uploaded this! OAO (If I have, forgive me, but here I go˜)

This was a commission for my sis's class haha. It was for their graduation! It was fun cellshading and doing this semi-realism style˜ Also trying to capture each persons characteristics, including the skin color!

So just gonna throw this here--

domingo, 17 de maio de 2015


We could say that I was in an artrush, but it only lasted a few days. XD

I won't rant about everything, so I'm just leaving the pics here and commenting on each one˜

These two (three?) pages are based off a story I created in my head˜ I won't be working on it for now, though, because I have a bunch of unstarted/finished projects I have to work on first! >uo9

Aaaaaaaaaah mamilos can't draw abs for life

And that's why I say I'm a narcissist... Because I keep drawing myself haha ofc I'm much fatter than the way I portray myself ;v;

I looooove Haooo (have been rereading SK, Kang Zeng Bang, reading Flowers and Zero as well -- Aah Flowers is so frustrating, though! AGAIN it doesn't have an ending HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO US AGAIN HIROYUKI-SENSEIIIII WWWW;;;; ;) and I've noticed he's soooo sexualized wth

It looks like porn but this really started off as a comparison between my two charas˜ Recent boy oc from my recent story but he's still nameless ´A` I tend to not name my male OCs... (sad) (third OC without a name) (I even draw them more than some of my girl OCs who have names wry)

As I said on Twitter the part I like best of drawing people kissing and stuff is the angles! I get alsdkfh feelings when I draw touching lips alskdh //// *bites*

Aaah when I take pics I notice how crooked my drawing are;;; ffff I'm always too lazy to finish/clean my drawings swts;

I just liked the profile so I didn't want to erase it˜

I know this is full of mistakes, but I still like it nonetheless aaaah fin.

quarta-feira, 6 de maio de 2015


Man, I really need to be more careful to update my stuff. I've been in a terrible artblock and, sincerely, if I have nothing new, I have nothing to post T_T I've been feeling very down lately (it's probably because I haven't been eating well). Also, uni has been painful due to the fact that I'm not attending regulary nor with my classmates nor on full schedule~ AAH in other words I'm just really unimpressed with uni right now. T_T

Anyway! On happier news! BH6 was a fun movie to watch! But it made me realize once more how there's a lot of stuff out there that doesn't make sense but that we still accept OuO haha TADASHIIIII < /3 Some sorta progress shots..? I spent a long time on ittt..! ´A`

terça-feira, 24 de fevereiro de 2015

not as much as i wanted to have

Hello, guys! It's been a long time! I hope I'm not writing in the wrong language! haha

A lot of things happened recently, but I won't be getting into details˜ Tbh, I'm too lazy to update and such... I've been on a very awesome trip to Japan and Taiwan, and have been back for almost one month already! Despite that, I haven't really posted a lot of stuff in places... haha sooo lazy. I haven't drawn much, so please bear with me;;

Also, if anyone is interested, I'll be posting pics of my trips and hopefully, in the future, of drawings as well on my instagram account! Follow me @pheishizzles c:

This is the first of the few drawings in a sketchbook I bought in Taiwan. I sorta regret not buying more because they're so cheap ww;;; And the paper's yellowwwwww (you don't find that kind of stuff here in Brazil!)

Actually, all the pics today are from this same sketchbook XD (It only has a few pages!)

Aaaah this! All I'll say is that... it's not me;;;;; And that Taiwan has many homossexual pairs...

 I just felt like drawing lace;;;;

I don't remember anymore but antlers are soo cliché˜

Cupid! I had no more idea on how to draw the hand anymore;;;

Some people are just so drawable!


It's not! (guy on guy action) Buy they're two guys! haha (I was actually quite happy that was noticeable)

I need to get used to using my scanner and my computer x_x; The quality sucks lol I suck! I originally drew this for Valentine's Day but ofc I was too slow. Coloring this was very fun! I love drawing themmm *´u`*

That's all for today! I wanna draw more chibis so that I'm ready for the next conssss

sábado, 4 de outubro de 2014

time leap

Honestly, I need to draw more;;; I've been so submerged into PICK! and major chibi drawing that I have barely been doodling;; I feel like I've gotten so rusty and have been in an artblock, especially because I haven't been trying to create~ orz I've had my sketchbook for some months now, but it's far from being filled~

This sketch is from the day I went to the hospital and had a 2-hour exam taken~ I'm really scared of needles, so I was barely moving my left arm haha

These two are from a story I'm working on called "Like Stars" -- the version in Portuguese can be read over at smackjeeves~ I don't have a name for the guy yet ;

I miss drawing my OCs so I decided to pen doodle Shouta~ Omg he turned out different all the times! "It really seems like three different people drew it" ...Sorry, Shouta orz

I'm not sure I like my scanner... ;;; I can't draw, mang